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Discover the Mixer Brush tool

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
July 31, 2015

How do you use this tool?


1. Find the tool


Buried under the brush menu is the Mixer Brush tool. This tool is like a sophisticated version of the Smudge brush. Start with the Moist preset and engage the ‘Clean brush after each stroke’ option.

2. Natural Media Bristle brushes


In the Brush preset panel look for the brushes with an icon that looks like a brush profile, not a stamp of the tip. These are the Bristle brushes – they simulate real-media brushes. There’s even a preview window to show how the brush is interacting with the canvas.

3. Mix and paint


The Mixer Brush tool will act in a similar way to the Smudge tool, but it is able to create a larger application of the painted effect much faster. As you work your way through the image, experiment with the tool presets and the Bristle brush settings.

4. Brush over the background


Use a larger version of the Bristle brush to quickly paint out the background. Increase the Bristle length and decrease the Stiffness to get a very soft-brushed effect. The higher the Wet and Mix settings are, the more the colour will mix together.

  • Informative tutorials – so easy to follow – you are a great teacher. I’ve learnt so much in one afternoon after seeing your video tutorial.Before this – Photoshop looked scary – but now – I really see how straightforward it is to get great results.Thank you.

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