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Perfect your parallels with a tilt-shift lens

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Tips from Digital Photographer, by Mark White
March 23, 2015

Achieve a more realistic perspective in three steps by using a tilt-shift lens

When buildings are your main subject, you’ll become aware of the converging vertical lines that a wide-angle lens creates, which often make it look as if it’s tilting backwards.

The closer you are, the more pronounced the effect, and the easiest solution is to invest in a tilt-shift lens, which will enable you to correct the distortion in-camera for perfectly upright buildings.

Follow the quick steps below to find out how to use a tilt-shift lens to correct the perspective of buildings and objects in your scene.

1. Position the camera

Place the tripod- mounted camera in a parallel position with the plane of the subject, then compose your shot as you would usually.

2. Shift the lens

Slowly rotate the shift dial on the side of the lens and watch through the viewfinder as the verticals in your image start to correct.

3. Focus and shoot

Use the AF point markers displayed in the viewfinder to determine when the verticals look straight. Once correct, focus and take the final shot.