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Dramatically change the weather

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
December 24, 2016

Turn a sunny day into a rainy one using filters


1. Select the sky


Open an image of a house. Grab the Magic Wand tool (A). In Tool Options, set the Tolerance to 60 and deselect Contiguous. Click on the sky to make an initial selection, then go to Select>Grow to add to the selection. Repeat a few times until you have the entire sky selected.

2. Replace the sky


Now go to Select>Inverse and then add a layer mask (Layer>Layer Mask> Reveal Selection). Let’s add a new sky. Go to File>Place an image of some clouds. Resize the image and hit Return/Enter. Drag it in your document, placing it behind the House layer.

3. Use adjustment layers


Next, adjust the tones using a gradient map. Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map. Open the Gradient Editor and set the first colour stop to #00000, the second to #52595f and the third to #FFFFFF, then click OK.

4. Tweak the Hue/Saturation


Click on the House layer. Let’s adjust the shadows and midtones. Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels. Set the Inputs to 10, 0.70, 255 and clip the layers (Cmd/Ctrl+G). Now tweak the Hue/Saturation. Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation. Set Hue to 0, Saturation to -30 and Lightness to -40, then clip the layers (Cmd/Ctrl+G).

5. Add shadows and highlights


Create a new layer. Change its blend mode to Soft Light and clip the layers (Cmd/Ctrl+G). Grab a soft brush (B). Set the Foreground colour to black. Vary the brush opacity and start painting shadows on the walls and roof, then make the street darker. Now using white, paint the highlights.

6. Create the reflection


Create a snapshot (Shift+Cmd/ Ctrl+Alt/Opt+E). Grab the Polygonal Lasso (L) and select the street. Create a layer mask and unlink it. Click on the layer’s thumbnail then go to Image>Rotate>Flip Layer Vertical. Drag it and adjust the perspective. Apply the Motion Blur filter (Angle: 6°, Distance: 25). Set blend mode to Exclusion.

7. Bring in the rain


Create a new layer on top of the layer stack and name it Rain. Fill with black. Go to Filter>Pixelate>Mezzotint. Choose Type: Short Lines and hit OK. Go to Filter>Blur> Motion Blur. Set Angle: 0°, Distance: 40 pixels, then hit OK. Rotate the image and change the blend mode to Screen.

8. Complete the image


Lightning can be the perfect way to finish off the image. Drag in a stock photo of some lightning, set to Screen and make any additional adjustments that you may want to and paint the lights into the windows on new, Soft Light and Screen layers.