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Explore the Lighting Effects filter!

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 22, 2015

Use the Point Light to throw focus on a surreal apple candle


1. Place and position


Open a file with an apple and use this as the base onto which you’re going to place candles. You can use any apple or candle pictures for this, as long as the flame is in focus and there is enough apple stalk to be on fire.

2. Screen and transform


The greta thing about using candles with a black background is that all you have to do is turn the blend mode to Screen and you’ve masked out most of the picture. Transform the candles image so the two layers align.

3. Mask


Add a mask layer onto the candles and erase any other flames with a soft black brush. The aura around the main candle should remain, which may not appear very realistic, so you can now add a filter to enhance the look.

4. Add a Point Light


Head to the Point option in the Lighting Effects filter and move the centre so it’s hovering over the candle’s flame. Adjust the intensity until the exposure looks rightt. Now you’ll have the effect of the candle lighting up the whole picture.