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Five tips for using Adobe Bridge

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
April 1, 2013

Our top features of Adobe Bridge software and how to use it to process your images

Tip 1 – Mini Bridge

Mini Bridge is available in Photoshop through Window>Extension>Mini Bridge. This enables you to easily see all the assets in your project directory without having to leave Photoshop. There’s a convenient search field and filter options to make things even faster. Simply drag and drop the files in as you need them!

Adobe bridge software

Tip 2 – Camera RAW

If you are not using your DSLR to shoot RAW images, then you’re limiting the capability of your camera. RAW captures have more range of light and colour than JPEG. Bridge is equipped with the ability to launch Camera RAW software to process your RAW files. The module contains some of the best image-editing tools available today.

Tip 3 – Stacks

Ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through multiple photos of the same shot with slightly different variations? Condense those multiple shots into Stacks and clean up your directories. Select several photos and go to Stack>Group as Stack . This makes it much easier to sort though all the photos in a glance.

Tip 4 – Contact Sheets

Contract Sheets are a great way to easily review printed photos without waiting for the high-quality prints. Quickly generate PDF Contact Sheets through the Output panel of Adobe Bridge. There are default configurations to speed you along, or you can customise the sizing and number of images per page.

Tip 5 – Copy settings

Edits made through Camera RAW are actually non-destructive. The settings are saved in an external file instead of embedded into the image. This means the settings are easily applied to other files as well. Just Ctrl/right-click and choose Develop Settings>Copy Settings, then choose a different file and paste the settings.

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