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5 cool ways to boost photos with colour

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Tips & Tutorials, by The Photoshop Creative Team
September 3, 2014

Give your colours a pop with this handful of useful tips and tricks!

The principles of photography have changed dramatically in line with the great benefits that have come with colour editing in Photoshop. Today, not only do we have software capable of making monumental changes to our images with ease, but with the ever increasing size of our images the sheer level of control that we have is almost limitless. Join us in learning five techniques that will give you complete control over your colours in Photoshop.

  1. Splitting colours

    Select the Gradient tool, head to the Gradient dialogue window and select Spectrum. Head to the Gradient Editor. Below the spectrum is a series of markers; double-click them to choose a colour for each part of the gradient. Simply change the blend mode to Colour after that.

  2. Boosting your colours

    Select the image layer and go to Hue/Saturation, via Adjustments. Click on the drop-down menu which says “Master” and choose a specific colour to edit.

  3. Dramatic and moody lighting

    Duplicate your image later and desaturate. Change the blend mode to overlay, and then add a Photo Filter. Choose a Cooling Filter and then add a red tint, if the picture needs one, by going to the Colour Balance option.

  4. Dramatic Monochrome

    Go to Adjustments, and select Black and White to desaturate the picture. On from here, you can change contrast; by sliding the blue dial, you can give the sky more contrast. Then paint over the subject of the photo with the Dodge tool (O), to really bring it out from the background.

  5. Brush Colour Replacement

    Draw around the subject with the polygonal lasso tool. Add a new layer and fill this section in a new colour. Change the blend mode to Colour, and the new colour with blend with the photo, rather than paint over it.