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Free tutorial: Creative colour distortion effects in Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
February 25, 2013

How to mix up colours for Lomo-inspired, creative distortion effects




Step 1 – New adjustment

Start off by going to the Layer menu and down to New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map. Hit OK in the pop up box. There should an adjustment layer in the Layers palette.







Step 2 – Blend

Change the blend mode of the adjustment to Color and lower the Opacity to 60% from inside the Layers palette. Now only the colour information will be altered.







Step 3 – Edit colours

Open up the Gradient Editor by clicking on the Gradient’s preview box in the adjustment. From the range of existing gradients, click on Violet, Green, Orange. Hit OK to apply the colours.







Step 4 – Reverse the effect

Create different effects by switching the colours by clicking on the Reverse button in the adjustment.







Step 5 – Sunset tone

Change the blend mode of the adjustment layer to Linear Burn to create a moody sunset effect, which works for landscapes.

With Linear Burn mode

sunset colour effect


  • The quality and content is great, and it is very quick and easy to follow along. I really look forward to seeing more.thanks for sharing.