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How to draw attention to colour using Photoshop Elements

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January 14, 2014

Known as selective black and white, this technique is perfect for making colour stand out in an image, and without having to make any difficult selections

selective black and white

To start off, duplicate the Background layer in Elements by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+J. Colour can be removed from the entire image by going to Enhance>Convert to Black and White.

Inside this menu you’ll find multiple conversion options including Vivid Landscape. For lots of contrast, choose this one, but try the others and see which works best to highlight the contrast in your image.

Apply a mask to this converted layer by clicking on the Add Layer Mask in the panel on the right.

A white box should appear next to the layer’s thumbnail indicating a mask has been assigned to it. Select the Brush tool (B) and set its brush tip to a soft-edged, 100% Opacity.

All that’s required now is to paint over the main subject to bring back colour selectively.