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How can you create Rodrigo Marinelli’s ‘Water Guitar’?

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
August 21, 2015

Rodrigo shows us how to create his masterpiece


1. Opening edits


To start, select the guitar and place on a blue background to make it easier to see the water. This is the very beginning of the composition.

2. Get in the sea


Start to merge multiple pictures of the sea and water, giving the impression that the guitar is made of water. Rodrigo built images up until he got this effect.

3. Building the composition


In this step, Rodrigo added elements to give more details to the art, such as stones, sand and a bird. This is where the image really starts coming together.

4. Finishing touches


Finally, Rodrigo worked with the image’s lighting and the wave details, bringing more colour and reality. The adjustments can really unify the other layers.

To see more of Rodrigo’s work, check out his Photoshop Creative profile! 

  • Reatha Carey

    I really like this new creation. I want to start doing this and with other manipulations similar to this. thanks for sharing.