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How I Made: Safe Haven

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 2, 2017

We find out how digital artist Lewis Moorhead seamlessly blended multiple photographic sources into this complex photocomposite


1. Building source material


The first step was to gather the images required, so I put together a collection of over 100 images of rusted objects, cars, boats and scenes, and started from there. The next stage was to build up from the bottom, compiling trains and vehicles to get a base layer as well as the surrounding scene.

2. Matching elements together


I blended the mounds of rubbish together using masks with various grass brushes to blend the scenery in with the objects. I continued to build up the mound, which included creating the platforms for the characters. I then started using the Shadows/ Highlights tool to adjust each object individually to match the scene.

3. Making lighting adjustments


Once the mound was complete I began integrating the characters and people into the scene. I collected images from multiple sources, so none of the lighting matched. Using a dodge and burn technique, I was able to change the lighting and colour using adjustment layers.

4. Applying final corrections


I used 15 adjustment layers for the final colour correction, adjusting colour and vibrancy to try and match a desert atmosphere. I sharpened the image using a High Pass filter, as well as the Camera Raw filter to adjust colours and exposure.