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How I Made: Atlantide

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How I Made, by Mark White
March 13, 2017

French concept artist Florian reveals how perspective and the Brush tool play a big part in creating his cool underwater images

1. Core sketch phase

The first 10 minutes of painting are very basic. Everything is desaturated, with quick shapes equalling a quick composition. There’s almost no lighting at this stage – I’m just searching for the right direction.

2. Work on the focal point

When I eventually find an idea that I like, I then begin to enhance the contrast in the foreground and also work on the lighting in my focal point. Once that’s taken care of, I start adding some more details to the composition.

3. Detail and composition

More details and lighting are added. I paint in rock textures using photos as a reference. I paste these where I want details, adding volume on top. I take my time to improve the lighting and overall composition of the image.