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How I Made: Autumn Forever

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How I Made, by Mark White
May 23, 2016

Learn how Melbourne-based illustrator Guy Shields created this beautiful picture


1. Start a sketch


I started with a pencil rough, and then refined it over a lightbox onto a fresh sheet of paper. Then I used a sable brush and india ink to make it nice and black and white. I scanned it into Photoshop at 1200dpi, and then downsampled it to 600dpi.

2. Perfect the trees


Once scanned, I moved things around to work better within the composition, and I ended up redrawing the tree digitally as I wasn’t quite happy with it in the end. Then I converted the line art into layers. I like to work using colour fill layers, which ensures that I have the flexibility to go back and easily change certain colours throughout the process.

3. Shades of autumn


Now I introduce toning and shading, using additional colour fill layers set to Multiply. Then I use key adjustment layers and Gradient Fills, set to Overlay, to bring warmth to the piece and to make the colour a little more harmonious and dynamic.

  • Ayatti all day

    Great illustration and very helpful tips.