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How I Made: Bamboo Frog

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How I Made, by Mark White
August 8, 2016

Learn how Iván Pawluk created this fun digital painting using colour intensity


1. First sketches


Initially, I drew everything by hand onto paper and defined the lines and where the shadows would be. I then created the shadows with pencil and blended them with my finger.

2. Digital painting


I then created a pantone paint chart, using images of frogs as reference. You could also start from scratch using specific paint colours on a new layer. I painted the main outline and gave life to the drawing, ensuring that each adjustment was on a new layer.

3. Adding the background


I created a new layer and used a cloud brush to equalise the colours of the frog with the background to create a 3D effect. I then copied half of the background and added a Gaussian Blur at 9,0 px. I simulated a line on the image that the pen would have drawn and on a new layer, applied a pattern.

4. Textures


To make the frog look more realistic, I created a new layer and added texture to the frog using various brushes. To finish, I adjusted the opacity and effects in each individual layer.