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How I Made: Dragon Valley Inn

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How I Made, by Mark White
April 11, 2016

Discover how Gergely Gizella created this digital painting…


1. Base colours


First, I laid down a bluish colour, which serves as a base for background elements like sky and mountains. On a new layer, I then started adding in more background and foreground colours with a simple, semi-soft brush very roughly, to create a sense of depth.

2. Creating the composition


Next, i added some more objects to the scene. I worked on the composition as a whole, so I didn’t get lost in the details. I tried to use cooler colours for the dark parts, and warmer colours for the highlights.

3. Finalising the look


Don’t be afraid of having a change of heart once in a while if you feel you have a better idea. At the last moment I decided to simplify the roof. I also added some finishing touches and a tiny bit of texturing, resulting in an even more detailed look.