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How I Made: Finding That Place

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How I Made, by Mark White
March 27, 2017

Simplicity of process and peace of mind are behind this beautiful and colourful painting from this talented Brazilian artist, Daniel Bogni

1. Set the scene

I started with a sketch, using a simple, soft brush, and didn’t care too much about perfection, only shapes. I set the ground and the sky. I tried to make a frame for the main element with every cloud that I placed.

2. Snake in the grass

Next, I started to think about the landscape. I try to give a little immersion and use contrasting elements, especially with the colours and planes. I used some customised brushes and some references for the grass.

3. Devil in the details

Then I focused on character. I used the Pen tool to define the silhouette and a Hard brush to give the details. Next I used a Soft Round brush to give more details, before opening PaintStorm to use some oil brushes.