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How I Made: Flower Girl

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How I Made, by Mark White
December 19, 2016

Brazilian illustrator Felipe Kimio breaks down how he created such a vibrant portrait in Photoshop!


1. Sketching the girl


This sketch was created from a blank canvas. I started with a loose sketch of a girl and worked on it until I formed a basic shape to work with further. I added a coloured background to help form the picture, and worked up the outline on a new layer.

2. Painting the girl


After sketching, I started to paint right on top of that layer, on a single layer, with a simple, round brush. I always try to create a clean silhouette when I’m figuring out the lighting, and I wanted this to have simple details and easy-to-see shapes.

3. Finishing textures


After painting the girl, I worked up the background and improved texture with textured brushes; this image has an inked feel which is applied to the image as a whole. The lighting and shading was worked on and the frame was added later.

  • Emmanuel Flame Dzotsi

    How do u sketch on photoshop