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How I Made: Flux

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How I Made, by Mark White
February 21, 2017

Discover how Emi Haze created a unique portrait with handmade elements, blend modes and retouching

1. Isolate the image

The artwork begins with a photo, and the first step of the process is retouching it to suit. I cut out the subject from the background with a selection, usually using the Pen and Lasso tools with the help of a graphics tablet.

2. Handmade elements

I created various handmade elements such as scratches and ink marks. Then I digitally imported them on separate layers and I merged all these elements with the subject, using blend modes to obtain particular effects.

3. Details and colour

Using a Wacom Cintiq and some custom brushes, I added a few more details to the work. In the end, after lots of retouching, I proceeded with the colour correction – Layers and Curves – to emphasise the lights and shadows.