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How I Made: Hype

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How I Made, by Mark White
November 21, 2016

Find out how Brandon Kocher created this bold typographic piece using the Pen tool and blend modes


1. Starting text


This is the basis for the typography piece. Since it is one short word I know it’s going to have a lot of tedious layers within each letter, so I made each letter a separate layer and spaced them to my liking.

2. Pen tool shapes


Each letter was coloured with gradient-filled Pen tool shapes, with added highlights and shadows to give them form. I also added extra shapes around the letters and stroked Pen tool lines set to Linear Dodge to start adding in flow to the text itself.

3.  Final designs


To finish the piece, I added the flowing blue shapes. They were made by making a selection with the Pen tool and adding layers of low Opacity white/blue soft brushing around the edges, set to Linear Dodge or Screen.