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How I Made: IBM Slamtracker

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How I Made, by Mark White
December 5, 2016

How was this amazing image created by Sebastian Onufszak?


1. Stock image


The advertising agency delivered a stock image, which I used as source material. The first thing I did was edit the image using Levels, altering the light and colour of the start photo.

2. Edit the background


The background was extended on both sides in order to create a classical tennis- playing environment. I also added the IBM logo as a tennis banner, with an audience behind.

3. Integrate type and numbers


I changed the face of the tennis player, making it more abstract and graphical. I also integrated typography and numbers to visualise the infographic data creatively.

4. Infographics


Line and dot shapes were created as vectors and then imported into Photoshop. Different colours were applied to form a more dynamic image.

5. Body graphics



I applied typographical textures to the body of the tennis player. These were warped around his legs and arms. I included several other layers to extend the amount of data.

6. Glow effects


I created a sense of movement and energy by adding motion-blurred strokes and glow layer styles. This improved the complexity of the design.

7. Tennis ball


I designed the tennis ball and placed it into the image. More graphical elements, typographical layers and a motion trail were added to connect the front and back layers of the illustration.

8. Colour correction


I decided to alter image colours further, making them brighter and more saturated. Three colour variations exist in this illustration series, including green, blue and red. The application of these depends on which Grand Slam surface is being featured.