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How I Made: Isometric Tsunami

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How I Made, by Mark White
July 25, 2016

Learn how Jack Usephot created this amazing image


1. The underwater area


I started with the basic shape of the wave, which is a simple blue curve shape against the lighter blue of the background.

2. The tsunami


This is the most important element of the composition. To create it, I used a wave photo and a particle brush to create the water particles, and a smoke brush to simulate a kind of white smoke formed by the water force.

3. Composite elements


In the sky I used some free cloud brushes. I left the background as white as possible to give the sky this sense of clarity, and after that I put in the birds. To create the underwater area I used some elements of the sea: ships, divers, the turtle. In every one I needed to adjust the colours and lighting using adjustment layers and brushes until everything had the same appearance!