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How I Made: Keep It Safe

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How I Made, by Mark White
September 12, 2016

Lern how Mr. Xerty made this image!


1. Main character


I started off by trimming around the main characters in this illustration – the pirate and his parrot – and doing the same with the elements around him. I arranged the composition, and organised everything to keep it well balanced.

2. Background


I’ve always tried to devote lots of my attention to the backgrounds I use in my artwork. I worked on the sky and then the beach in this one to try and create a bright atmosphere. I added a blur effect too, to increase the focus on the subject.

3. Light and tone


Lighting and shading is always key to any composition. I added it here to the main elements and then blurred some more of the illustration to alter the tone and the contrast of the piece, just to get all of the colours to work together.