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How I Made: Paper Boat Fisherman

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How I Made, by Mark White
August 30, 2016

An imaginative way of looking at the world is key to Amr El Saadany’s creative composites


1. Bring everything together


Objects were selected and masked out using the Pen tool and layer masks, then placed on the background image. Water splashes and foreground bushes were masked out using Channels masking techniques.

2. Extra details


Water ripples were created using gradients and Distort filters then blended in using the Soft Light blending mode. Also shadows were added on a new layer set to Multiply blending mode.

3. Blending it all in


I used Color Balance, Curves and Selective Color adjustment layers clipped to every object to match colours between background and foreground and for overall colour grading. Finally, I added a lens flare for sunlight simulation.