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How I Made: Pisces

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How I Made, by Mark White
August 22, 2016

Hung Pham discusses the importance of colour and lighting in this vibrant image


1. Manipulating the underwater scene


I first pulled out stocks related to water, such as fish, bubbles and waves, I then tried to arrange and manipulate them to make the fish look like they were swimming.

2. Creating depth of field and motion


By using the Soft Brush Tool and Clipping mask, I started to form more lighting for the model and other elements. To create depth of field and motion, I manipulated more elements in the foreground and background, and then applied motion Blur to them.

3. Finalising the colours


This is a very important step of mine. I always use Selective Color to adjust the colours before I finish my artworks. In this case, I pushed up the Cyan, Blue and Yellow. For the shadow, I turned the Black to Dark Blue.

  • PrepressIndia

    Nice Tutorials, would you please describe it step by step.