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How I Made: Primavera Isle

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How I Made, by Mark White
November 28, 2016

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor shows how she turned the disappointment of a dropped commission into a haunting and atmospheric work of art


1. Initial sketch


This was the first sketch I sent to the agency – just quick lines. I like red when I’m starting and if there is a sky involved in the image, I love to design the clouds first.

2. Revisions


They didn’t like it; they wanted a central piece with the air balloon in the middle. I decided to do a sketch they couldn’t reject with clean lines and a brighter palette.

3. Change of plan


They liked it, so I started playing with colours, a basic palette, no detail – just trying to get my eyes used to these combinations.

4. Restart


I saved the project away for about two months. One day I was bored and I didn’t want to start anything new, so I grabbed it again, with a plain colour on the background and different lines.

5. Colouring in


I started with blue and purple, and from there I almost painted everything on the same layer real fast. I kept the line, but it wasn’t working at that moment so I kept it hidden.

6. Concept


I knew that I wanted people walking to an unknown place and I knew that the main character was late. It was about just getting out the woods and going for freedom, or something like that.

7. Main character


The main character is actually just a shape without shadows or light spots. I have problems using light sources, so what I do is to use light wherever I want! I also added some dust.

8. Final lines


I had my lines, but they weren’t working. I started playing around with the Hue dialog and for some reason I set the light to maximum. I did some adjustments with Color Balance to finish.