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How I Made: Sky Capital

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How I Made, by Mark White
May 16, 2016

Find out how Frank Att challenged himself to paint this fantasy scene of a city in the sky


1. Initial sketch


I started the painting with sketches to get ideas and find the main composition. the line drawing was on a single layer to deactivate it in further steps.

2. Rough colours


Then I added the main colours and began to paint the main islands and clouds to get a rough direction for the painting.

3. Creating the buildings


In this step I painted the main structure of the houses and added some first details to the houses here and there.

4. Background adjustment and initial details


I changed the background – the sky, clouds and added the island – because it was too empty before. I also worked on the buildings and details.

5. Changing the main building


The main building didn’t work for me, so I changed it and adjusted the light and shadow layers. After that, I put the first shapes of the airships into the painting.

6. More details


The main focus in this step was on putting details everywhere. I moved the foreground further towards to the horizon line, so it fits better into the whole image.

7. Market and more detail


I added a bazaar on the bridge and did a lot of detailing like adding people, adjusting the foreground and erasing some buildings and some other minor changes to the buildings.

8. Last adjustments


In the final step, I worked on effects (atmosphere, light, shadows, clouds, smoke) and added some more details here and there. Never forget to sign your painting, if it’s a personal piece.

  • John Scott

    It’s good. Nice work. How long did it take?