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How I Made: Skyline

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How I Made, by Mark White
July 11, 2016

How Jonathan Maurin created this sci-fi landscape


1. Creating the composition


I began by creating the composition. I made the structure with the Lasso tool, and the gradient in black and white. I then worked on the values. The darkest parts and the more blurred areas were to create a focal effect.

2. Applying the texture


I refined a few elements in the bottom of the picture. After I worked on the texture of the building to give the image realism, I added a new layer with a clipping mask on each plan and drew lines using textured brushes.

3. Adding the colour


The colourisation was a difficult step. I created new layers in different blend modes: Overlay, Multiply, Screen or Color. I chose an orange/yellow colour for the surface exposed to the light, and a purple colour for the area in the shadows.

4. Making finishing touches


I added some details, such as lights on the moon, highlights on the buildings and the clouds, and more contrast. I refined the character. I cropped the artwork to enhance the size of the buildings and give a feeling of vertigo.