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How I Made: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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How I Made, by Mark White
January 9, 2017

How Dan Mumford portrayed one of the seven wonders of the world in Photoshop


1. Rough layout


This is the rough layout for the piece. It means I had the composition and shape all in place, and the colour and light source decided. At this stage it was mainly a flat image – no real layer work at all – just working quite fluidly on an open canvas with the Brush and Eraser.

2. Start colouring


The first step after finalising the rough was to start with the darkest colour, as all the other print layers will be printed below it. This was purely done with a small size brush with high fidelity/pressure settings at 500ppi.

3. Carving out details


With the darkest layer in place, I then added in all the background elements to flesh out the landscape. I added two more layers in Photoshop for the blue, and then purple below it. I then carved out elements in the black layer with the Eraser tool to reveal the dark blue below.

4. Final stages


The final step was to add in two more coloured layers below – pink and then yellow. At this stage I went through the layers, tidying them up and making sure they would print nicely on top of each other. Then I picked out Pantone colours and went to print!