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How to create an invisible man in Photoshop, part 2

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February 11, 2014

Continued…Get to grips with Photoshop’s Content-Aware feature to make a person vanish!

Follow part 1 of this tutorial


Add a new layer mask and, with a black brush, clean up and blend the collar into the image. Start with the brush set to 0% Hardness and increase this to achieve a harder blend. Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer (Layer>New Adjustment Layer) and decrease Brightness by 22 to match the existing light.



Use the Clone Stamp tool to sample an area of fabric from the front of the shirt. Paint it over the inside of the shirt, and in small steps use the Patch tool to reconstruct the back of the shirt. Be careful not to go over the edges.


Use the Patch tool to build up some of the horizontal lines of the shirt’s collar. Copy and paste an area of the image and duplicate it to build up the new collar. Reposition each layer as you go. Zoom in and carefully clean up the collar with the Clone Stamp tool.


Go back to the image ‘InvisibleManShirt.jpg’ and use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make a selection around the label. Go to Edit>Copy and switch back to the main composition and hit Edit>Paste. Use Free Transform to resize the layer and position it onto the shirt. Rename the layer Label.


Add a mask on the Label layer and use a black brush set to 20% Hardness to trim and smooth the edges of the layer. Check the size and positioning of the label, and then set the Opacity to 70% to help blend the label with the back of the shirt.


Zoom into your image and use the Clone Stamp tool to define and draw in any edges of the collar that need retouching. Hold Opt/Alt to sample a similar area, and then use the left mouse button to insert that area in.


Create a new layer and name it Cleanup. Zoom out of the image and identify any areas that need further retouching. Use a mixture of the Clone Stamp and Patch tools, set to Content-Aware, to blend and smooth any areas of concern.


Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer and select Brightness/Contrast. Up the Brightness by 20 and the Contrast by 15. Add another adjustment layer, and this time choose Vibrance. Increase this by 10 and the Saturation by 20 to boost colour.


Select the Crop tool (C) from the Toolbar. Crop the top and right sides of the image to centre the invisible man and chop off unnecessary background areas. When you’re happy with the selection, hit Enter to apply the crop.


On a new layer use the Elliptical Marquee tool, with Feather set to 200px in the Options bar, to draw an oval selection around your image. Go Select>Inverse, and then use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the area with black. Lastly, reduce the opacity of the layer to 40%.