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How to create light effects around text in Photoshop, part 1

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May 19, 2014

Learn how to create a dazzling text effect using Photoshop’s filters and layer styles


Being the image by creating a new Photoshop document (File> New). Set the dimensions to 470mm wide by 170mm high with PPI set to 300. Also, set our Background colour to black, we can do this by using the Fill tool via Edit> Fill> Black.


We now select the Type tool and set the Font to Impact in the top Options bar, change the size to 358pt and change the colour to white. Now type ‘burst of light’, and this will create a new text Layer.


Navigate to the Free Transform command via Edit> Free Transform, resize the text by pushing the side anchors in and pull the top anchor up and the bottom anchor down. Position the text in the middle of the page.


You now need to rasterise the text, so Ctrl/right-click the thumbnail in the Layers palette and select Rasterize Type. The text is no longer editable, but you can invert the colours of the layer by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+I.


Duplicate the rasterised text layer by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+J, rename this new text layer Wind. Add a Stroke layer style via Layer> Layer Style> Stroke, then set the stroke Size to 10px and the Color to white.

STEP 06 

Add a new layer under Wind and fill this with black. Select a hard-edged brush and add some random white dots over the layer. Merge the two together by selecting the Wind layer and pressing Cmd/Ctrl+J .


Next we use the Gaussian Blur filter (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) and set the Radius to 10px. The text is a little dull so we brighten it using a Levels adjustment (Cmd/Ctrl+L or Image> Adjustments> Levels) and moving the white point slider to the left until the letters are white.

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