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How to create sparkling text in Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
December 5, 2013

Inject some razzmatazz into your font with layer styles and a starry brush tip entwined through a path

Sparkle text


Create a new document (Ctrl/Cmd+N) at 20cm x 10cm and with a resolution of 300dpi. The first thing to do is reset your Foreground and Background colours to the default by pressing D. Now press Alt/Opt+Backspace to fill your canvas with black.


Press X to swap your Foreground and Background colours around. Select the Type tool and set its font to Bickham Script Pro (or another script font) with its size at 600px. Click once on your canvas and type your word.


Press B for the Brush tool and then open up the Brush palette from the Window menu. Choose the Star 70 pixels brush from the default set of tips, increase the Diameter slider to 130px and set Spacing to 75%.


Under the Shape Dynamics section of the palette, set Size Jitter to 75% and its Minimum Diameter to 20%. Also change the Angle Jitter slider to 100%. Make sure Smoothing is the only box ticked on the left side of the palette.


Go to the Layers palette and lower the Fill slider (under Opacity) to 0% for the Type layer. The white text should disappear. Ctrl/right-click on the layer and select the option Create Work Path. This will reveal the outline of your word. Set your Foreground colour to a light blue and add a new blank layer to the top of the composition.


Go to the Windows menu and open up your Paths palette. Ctrl/right-click on the Work Path inside and select the Stroke Path option. The Stroke Path dialog will pop up. Set it to Brush and Simulate Pressure and press OK. You should see the outline of the text take the form of the Brush created earlier. Press P then the Escape key to remove the path outline.


Hit Ctrl/Cmd+J three times to duplicate the stars layer, strengthening their appearance. Add new layer styles to the word by double-clicking on its Type layer. Add the Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow and Outer Glow options, and change each of their blend modes to Normal.


Set each of the layer styles’ colours to the same blue that you used for the stars. Keep the Size and Distance sliders below 10px each, and lower the Opacity settings to 75%. They should be subtle but obvious enough to reveal the outline of the text.

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