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How to create your own Lomo effect in Photoshop

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January 7, 2014

Transform a normal photo into a Lomo-inspired digital wonder

Lomo effects are a lot of fun to experiment with. They play around with light and colours to distort the natural feel of an image.

There are no rules when it comes to creating your own Lomo effect, as it’s down to preference.

If you’ve never made one before, here’s one way in which a Lomo image can be created using the Curves adjustment layer and some intricate bending of colour.


Start off by adding a bright exposure effect to your image. Do this by adding a new Levels adjustment layer and sliding the Midtones marker to the left, until it reads around 1.48.


This is where the colour distortion begins. Add a new Curves adjustment layer and alter the Red, Green and Blue channels separately. Here are the settings that we have used.


Create a reverse ‘S’ shape by pushing the shadow regions up and the highlights down.


The Green curve is much like the Blue, but in the opposite direction. Keep this subtle, and it should help to strengthen colours.

Push the Red curve up slightly to just warm the skin tones of the person in your photo.

You should end up with something like this…

  • Anoop Ashoka

    its superb

  • david

    it didnt help me, my photo is just more red, nothing else…