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How to load brushes into Photoshop Elements 11

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
May 15, 2013

A quick tutorial on loading ABR files (brush sets) into Photoshop Elements 11 via the Presets Manager

The ABR format relates to a Photoshop brush file. Here is a quick step by step to load this type of file into Photoshop Elements 11.

Step 1

In Photoshop Elements, go to the Edit menu and locate the option ‘Preset Manager’.






Step 2

In the Preset Manager, set the ‘Preset Type’ list to show Brushes. This will reveal all of the brushes that are currently useable with your Brush tool.




Step 3

Click on the Add button in the Preset Manager. Locate the ABR file on your PC and double-click it to load it into the Preset Manager.




Step 4

The arrangement of brush thumbnails will now alter to include this loaded set of brush (the ABR file). Hit Done in the Preset Manager to save these changes.




Step 5

Open an image or blank canvas, and locate your Brush tool (press B). Right-click to view the available brush tips for this tool, which should include the previously loaded ABR file.

  • Harold

    I really appreciate these simple tips and or reminders……..thanks

  • Harold

    Very helpful

  • Tracey Newland

    I have been trying this for the longest time, they load, but when I close outof the presets manager or choose another tool to do something else, everything I loaded and added is gone! what am I donig wrong?

  • Deb Nakano

    Me too. Have you gotten an answer??

  • Copper Lynn

    I had the same problem so I tried using the append option instead of the add option and this worked for me.