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How to make bubble text in Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
March 19, 2012

A free tutorial on turning text into bubbles, with Layer Styles taking the limelight

Bubble text effect

Step 1 – Create canvas

Create a new canvas in Photoshop with the settings 800×600 pixels at 72dpi. This gives a small canvas size, so if you make this larger you’ll need to increase the settings of the Layer Styles layer on. Fill it with black (Edit>Fill) once opened.

Step 2 – Add text

Using a ronuded-edge font, such as Cooper Std, set to 100px size, click on your canvas and type a word. Set it to white and then set its blend mode to Darken. It’ll disappear at this moment.

Step 3 – Inner Shadow

Double-click on the text layer to open up your Layer Styles menu. Add the following settings for an Inner Shadow.

Step 4 – Outer Glow

Set up an Outer Glow with these settings below.

Step 5 – Inner Glow

The Inner Glow settings used are here. This is now softening the overall text with just white against black.

Step 6 – Bevel and Emboss

Step 7 – Lastly, Satin

The final Layer Style for this effect is the Satin option. Here are the settings we used. Hit OK to complete the bubble text.