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How to make custom paint effects in Photoshop, part 2

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
November 24, 2013

Continued… Here’s how to add a splash of excitement to your portrait images with this groovy custom paint effect

Follow part 1 of this tutorial


With the image still selected click on the ‘paint’ layer and add a layer mask, your selection will automatically be added as the mask. You can delete the ‘background copy’ layer now. Select the layer mask and use the paintbrush to add brushes to the edges of your man, to roughen it up a little.


Once you have roughened the edges of the man’s face duplicate the paint layer by dragging it to the new layer icon. Drag the mask to the trash and when prompted to apply the mask, click apply. We are going to apply some texture to this layer.


Name the copied layer ‘texture’, then go to the filter menu and choose sketch, bas relief. Leave all settings to the default as shown above and click okay. As you will see this filter applies a textured effect to the image which we can use to simulate layers of paint.


Once applied the effect is too strong so we need to blend this with the layer below. Change the opacity of this layer to 20% and its blending mode to Vivid Light as this allows the texture to still show through without interfering.


Add a new layer above all the other layers in the layer palette. Name this new layer ‘vignette’. Press D on the keyboard to select the default colours and then choose the gradient tool. Select the radial gradient to create the vignette.


Click on the gradient to bring up the gradient editor in the pop-up window. Click on the Foreground Transparency gradient and swap the transparent side to the left and the foreground side to the right. Click ok to continue, this will give a transparent centre to the gradient.


Drag the Gradient tool from the centre of the face to the edge. Change the blending mode to Color with an opacity of 80% to finish the composition. This just reduces a little of the colour towards the edges bringing the focus onto the face.