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How to make fur pop in your pet photos

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 3, 2012

Add more life to your pet images using the Hue/Saturation layer and these quick steps in Photoshop

Improve fur colour

Step 1 – Hue/Saturation layer

A fast way to make the fur come alive is to add the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. Change the adjustment from its default setting of Master to Yellows (this will depend on your animal).

Step 2 – Eyedrop colours

Use the Eyedropper with the plus symbol to pick out the colours on the fur more accurately, selecting the light and dark shades of that colour on the animal. This will expand the amount of colour within the spectrum at the base of the adjustment.

Step 3 – Increase colour

All you have to do now is increase the Saturation slider until you’re happy with the amount of colour. You’ll notice that only the fur turns more vibrant. All other parts of the image should be left out of this.

Step 4 – Brush over mask

If areas of similar colours are affected in your image, use the Brush tool set to a soft round edge to paint over those areas using the mask on the adjustment layer.

  • Simple but effective tips!! amazing and very helpful for enhancing the pet photographs. Thank you for sharing.