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How to make syrup text in Photoshop

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August 6, 2014

Following our series of food text effects in Photoshop, here’s another on creating syrup text!

To make a syrup-style text in Elements, you can use a predefined layer style and the Dodge tool to create the effect.

Choose a handwriting font, type the text, and press F6. Click on Styles and choose Wow- Plastic.

Now drag or double-click on the Orange style to apply the effect.

Let’s fine-tune the effect. Go to Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings, and change the Angle to 120.

Uncheck the Drop Shadow and Outer Glow boxes, and select Inner Glow with the colour #f68a02.

Change the Size to 10px and Opacity to 80%. Set Bevel to 30 and click OK.

Now press F11. Ctrl/right-click on the fx icon, and choose Simplify Layer.

Grab the Dodge tool (O) and change the Range to Highlights, set Exposure to 50%, and start painting around the edges.

Go to Layer Styles again and apply the Shadows and Stroke styles to finish this syrup typeface.

  • Scott

    Can i get the layer style on this or a copy of the psd please?

  • sooshi

    How to make syrup text in Photoshop
    I don’t think this is for Photoshop. The instructions refer to Elements.

  • Christiane Delbecque

    Bonjour, désolée , je ne comprends pas à partir de O ………pouvez vous expliquer