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How to select hair and fur

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
September 30, 2014

Tackle all kinds of outlines in four easy steps!

1. Quick Selection tool

A rough selection is the first step in complex selections; Quick Selection is perfect for this. Use the brackets to resize the brush diameter as needed.

2. Add and subtract

You’ll probably select some areas you don’t need. Just hold Opt/Alt and use the Quick Selection to remove them or hold shift to add in areas.

3. Refine Edge

Next, go to Select>Refine Edge. Use around the edges and it will automatically detect and select fine detail. Play with the Feather options to control edge contrast.

4. Output and clean up

To complete the Refine Edge, set Output to New Layer with Layer Mask. Zoom in to check the edges. Use a tool like the Lasso to select areas you still need to remove, then mask them out.