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How to sharpen images in Photoshop Elements

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January 24, 2012

A quick tip on sharpening photos in Photoshop Elements with the Adjust Sharpness command

If you are having difficulty choosing a sharpening technique then Photoshop Elements comes equipped with the Adjust Sharpness feature.

Just choose Enhance>Adjust Sharpness to bring up the dialog. From here you can quickly switch between removing Gaussian Blur, Lens Blur or Motion Blur from the image.

Remember that sharpening should always be carried out as the last step when editing a photograph.  Make sure you can see your image correctly by clicking the + and – buttons to zoom in and out. You can also drag the image in the preview window to adjust how it is displayed. When Gaussian Blur is selected in the Remove drop-down menu it will work in a similar way to the Unsharp Mask filter and apply sharpening to the whole photograph.

However, you may find noise will be increased. The Lens Blur option is less likely to increase such noise and works in a similar way to the High Pass filter method. Sharpening will be applied mainly in areas that have the most detail, which is often where it is needed the most.

Selecting Motion Blur from the Remove drop-down reduces any blur in the photograph that may have been caused by camera shake. Now move on to adjust the settings by using the Radius and Amount values. Radius allows you to set the size of the sharpening brush and Amount is used to set the strength of the effect, with a smaller value being best suited to a photograph that has a lot of detail.

Adjust sharpness screenshot