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How to Stroke a Path in Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 10, 2013

Use the Pen tool and brushes to create glowing circles of light around a Custom Shape

Paths are the lines made after applying a custom shape.

When applying a Stroke outline around a shape, first set up the Brush tool with a colour and the desired brush tip.

Brush settings such as Scattering and Spacing are applied via the Brush palette.

After using the Custom Shape tool, go to the Paths palette, right-click the ‘work path’ layer and select Stroke Path. Choose Brush to apply the light trails.

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  • Edyta Korzeniowska

    I would like to ask about glowing lines. Why did You use brush tool with black colour. I think it would be easier and much more quick to fill the mask with black and white gradient? Lines were made in Illustrator so it would be nice to see how to make them. By the way it would be marvellous to see few articles about Illustrator, but I truly understand that Photoshop Creative is about Photoshop only.