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How to use the Impressionist Brush in Photoshop Elements

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February 2, 2014

Elements’ Impressionist Brush is used to simulate a fine art painting digtally – here’s a look at some of the commands and what they do

Impressionist Brush in Elements

Find the Impressionist Brush under the Brush tool (B) in the Options panel.

The Opacity lets you to see the pixels under the paint strokes, and the Mode specifies how the paint blends with the pixels in your photo.

By clicking on the Advanced button you can find other options to control the strokes.

Under the Style drop-down menu, you will find several styles to simulate different artistic strokes.

You can also control the Area to define the range of the brush.

The Tolerance will define the amount of similar colour to be affected by the brush.

You can apply the Texturizer Filter (Filter>Texture>Texturizer) to give the image a final touch of canvas texture.