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How to use the Match Color adjustment in Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
August 2, 2012

Here’s how the Match Color adjustment is used to give a daytime image a sunset effect



Sunset effect in Photoshop

Step 1 – Load images

Load a daytime image and a picture of a sunset into Photoshop. Crop out any jet black areas within the sunset image, such as trees. The Match Color adjustment reads the colours in the sunset and transfers them to the other image.

Step 2 – Set Source

For this effect, make the daytime image the active document. Go to Image>Adjustments>Match Color, and inside this menu set Source to the sunset image. The changes should be immediately visible.

Step 3 – Luminance and Color Intensity

Adjust the effect by boosting Luminance to 200 for maximum brightness. Boost Color Intensity to 120 for stronger hues and hit OK to apply the effect, converting your image into a sunset!

  • Robin Akau

    Thank you for the easy to follow instructions. I was able to add sunset colors to my age!