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How to watermark images in Photoshop

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
August 31, 2012

Protect your artwork with a personalised watermark message using layer styles

Watermark symbol

Step 1 – Type tool

The Type tool will be our first port of call for this effect. Set your Foreground colour to black and then select a font in the Options bar that’s quite thick such as Haettenschweiler 100pt.

Step 2 – Enter text

Click once on your image to activate the Type tool. Enter the text for the watermark, for example ‘Copyright’, but this can be a name or a message. For the actual copyright symbol, hold Opt/Alt and press G. Press the tick box in the Options bar to confirm the text, and then use the Move tool (V) to position the watermark in the desired place.

Step 3 – Blend mode

The watermark is currently black. Change the blend mode of this text layer to Screen. The text will completely disappear, but in fact it’s still there. If you’ve gone for white text, then use Multiply mode instead.

Step 4 – Layer styles

To make the watermark visible, double-click on its layer to open layer styles. Add a Bevel & Emboss style, and set it to Outer Bevel. Play around with the Size, Depth and Soften sliders in this style to adapt the effect until you like what you see. The closer the Angle crosshairs are to the centre of the circle, the fainter the effect will be. Hit OK and you’re all done.