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Make stylish photo collages

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
April 25, 2017

Give your photos a collage effect!

1. Create the strips

Fill your background with black and hit Cmd/Ctrl+’ to bring up the guides. With the Rectangular Marquee (M), draw a long strip a new layer and fill in white. Deselect (Cmd/Ctrl+D), hold down Cmd/ Ctrl+Alt/Opt and drag across your page numerous times to duplicate the strips.

2. Add the image

Paste your image at the top of the layer stack and position it. Once positioned, hold Opt/Alt and click on the layer below to clip the picture to the uppermost white strip. Cmd/Alt+drag this picture layer above each white strip, and clip to each.

3. Shift the strips

On each of the image layers, Ctrl+right-click and choose Merge Down so that you’re left with just the images. On various layers, hold Cmd/Ctrl and use the up and down arrows to nudge the strips up and down, creating this cool effect.

4. Add a bevel

To make it feel as if these layers are 3D, click on a layer and go to Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings. Click on Bevel and choose Angle: 125 degrees, Size: 18, Direction: Up. Ctrl/right-click this layer, choose Copy Layer Style, then Ctrl/right-click the other layers and choose Paste Layer Style.