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Make your house fly! Part 1

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 24, 2015

Bored of reality? Subvert it by creating a composite of everyday objects

1. Paint the sky

Start by creating the sky. This will be instrumental in creating atmosphere for the image and determine the direction of light. Use a soft round brush to paint in the sky and change the Opacity of the brush to help blend the colour together.

2. Add clouds

Clouds are brilliant for creating a sense of dynamism. Using a cloud brush of medium Opacity, create areas of cloud in a light grey. Tidy edges by selecting and deleting them with the Polygonal Lasso and high Feather setting.

3. Glorious sun

There’s nothing quite like a gigantic burst sunlight to bing a sense of euphoria and vastness to the image. Using a large soft brush fill in an area of light in white.

4. Add a nebula

Supercharge your image with atmosphere by adding stars to the sky. Select and delete the bottom half of the nebula image using the Polygonal Lasso tool with a high Feather setting and change the blend mode of the layer to Soft Light to help it blend into the sky.

5. Bring in the house

Find your house picture and cut it from its background using the Polygonal Lasso tool. Tp change the perspective of the house so that it looks like we are looking at it, use the Perspective Transform (Edit>Transform>Perspective) and skew the top of the house inwards to create a false perspective.

6. Foundations

To exaggerate the floating nature of the house, we need to see the underside of it. Using the Polygonal Lasso, create a boundary for the bottom face of the house and fill it using a Gradient Fill.

7. Edges

To blend the house into the sky, adjust the hues (Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation) and soften the edges slightly by creating a boundary with a high Feather setting near to the edge of the house and deleting it.

8. Sun burst

To help achieve that feeling of being almost blended by the sunlight, create a new layer and using a large, soft brush, obscure the house slightly with a white colour. Change the Opacity of the layer to create the appropriate brightness.

9. Fields

To extend the image of the fields, select the layer and draw a boundary using the Polygonal Lasso where you want additional grass. Select Content-Aware under Edit>Fill and Photoshop will add grassy areas using the current image.

Come back tomorrow for part 2!