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Make your house fly! Part 2

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 25, 2015

Part two of this amazing composition tutorial!

10. Distant hills

Tidy up areas where the Content-Aware Fill has filled incorrectly using the Clone Stamp. Create a new layer underneath the fields layer and create hills in the distance using the Polygonal Lasso with a high Feather setting. Lower the Opacity.

11. Bring in shadows

Using a Polygonal Lasso with a very high Feather, draw underneath the house to create a shadow. Fill with black. Select the shadow with the Polygonal Lasso and apply a Motion Blur (Filter>Blur>Motion Blur). Lower the layer Opacity.

12. Cherry blossom tree

Find a picture of a tree against a white background. Use the Polygonal Lasso to cut it out, and then select the Colour Range command (Select>Colour Range) and click on an area of the white to delete.

13. Silhouettes

Silhouettes are good because they blend into the image better. Cut out the child carefully and turn it into a silhouette by double-clicking on the layer and applying a black Colour Overlay layer style.

14. More silhouetttes?

Use the same technique as Step 13 to create a dog silhouette. Delete the bottom portion of the silhouettes with a high Feather to blend them in with the grass. Create shadows for both in the same way as in Step 11.

15. Now for the balloons

Cut out balloons from a picture as you have done earlier and create copies by duplicating the layer. Change the colour of the balloons by changing the Hue setting (Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation). Layer the balloons up to create the flying component of your makeshift airship.

16. Some strings attached

Using the Line tool, create lines to connect the balloons to the house. Merge these layers and double-click on the layer. Apply a Drop Shadow layer style. For the balloons that have flown away, use the Pen tool to create long flowing strings.

17. Birds

Using birds is another method of creating dynamism in an image, which helps to convince the viewer that the house is flying. Cut out the flocking of birds using a Magic Wand and lower the Opacity of the layer to fade the birds into the sky.