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Master masks and selections

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
December 28, 2015

Get to grips with these tools and create a cool composition!


1. Place images


Find your chosen image. If using ours, place ‘Background.jpg’ and ‘Island.png’. Go to Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal All. Grab a soft tip brush, hit D on your keyboard to set the default Foreground/Background colour and paint the bottom of the image to soften the hard edges.

2. Add depth


Place ‘Ocean.jpg’. Drag the corners to adjust the perspective and then hit Return/Enter. Create a layer mask as before and with a soft tip brush, using black as the colour, start painting around the island to create a sense of depth.

3. Use Colour Lookup


Place the octopus and treasure chest images. Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Color Lookup. Check 2DLUT File and choose NightFromDay.CUBE. Click on the Color Lookup Mask. Grab the Gradient tool and drag over the mask to create a gradual transition.

4. Add final touches


Place the seagull image and create the splash effect using custom brushes. Add adjustment layers to improve the contrast and colours. Use the layer masks to hide unwanted areas and don’t forget to clip the layers for more control.

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