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Master the Harris Shutter Effect

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
January 14, 2016

Create this classic colour-channel-splitting effect in Elements


1. Start with the red


Find three pictures of a subject in slightly different poses. Put into one document, each with a different layer, and create a red (#FC2222) layer above your top layer. Set the blend mode to Multiply: this will blend the coloured pixels of the subject with your colour.

2. Complete other layers


Merge your red layer to the subject and hide. Repeat with the other layers, choosing cyan (#FCFF00) and yellow (#00DFF9). You may want to experiment with blend modes: Color Burn, Color and Screen all give slightly different finishes to the coloured portrait.

3. Multiply and arrange


Merge your coloured layers to the respective subject layers and turn all the blend modes to Multiply. This will let each picture shine through one another. Rearrange layers if needed to show equal amounts of red, blue, yellow and mixed colour.

4. Apply finishing touches


Finally, you can edit any of the colours if need be by going to Ctrl/Cmd+U; we decided to turn the red to a pinker hue by moving the slider to -20, but you can always turn your three channels to any colour you like.