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Our top tips for restoring old photos

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
March 9, 2012

We share our top tips for improving the look of worn and faded photos in issue 85

Restore old photos


A few of our tricks for sprucing up worst-for-wear images include:

Fixing large areas

The Patch tool is fantastic for copying detail from one area of an image to another, and is perfect for repairing any backgrounds that have deteriorated. Simply select it from the Toolbar, draw around the area to fix and then click and drag that selection to the area you want to use as a replacement. It is quicker and more reliable than any other tool.

Keep opacity low

It’s good practice to keep the Opacity setting on the Clone tool nice and low so you can build up the effect rather than get it right first time. This is especially true when it comes to undefined areas such as skin or fabric.

Selective sharpening

It’s also best to sharpen after all other edits, and obviously sharpen after fixing any noise (you don’t want sharp noise!). Because old photos aren’t usually generous in the detail, it’s often best to select an area to sharpen (such as the face or just the eyes). This way you can draw attention to the best areas.

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