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Photoshop CS6: Top 5 secrets

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
October 29, 2012

Top 5 hidden features you may not know about in Photoshop CS6…

1. Liquify filter

The Liquify filter has a maximum brush size of 15,000 pixels, increased from a previous 1500px brush size.

2. Blend modes

Did you know that blend modes can be placed onto multiple layers at a time? Just highlight more than one and the list stays active.

3. Gradient Fill layers

Using the Gradient Fill adjustment as opposed to the layer style and you have a larger Scale size of 1,000%. Layer styles only go up to 150%.

4. Layer styles to Groups

If you have lots of layers and don’t feel like spending half a day assigning the same layer style to each one, put them into a Group and double-click it to open layer styles.

5. Patch tool is Content-Aware

For cloning areas and retouching photos, the Patch tool can be set to Content-Aware in the Options bar.