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Photoshop Elements 10 tutorial: Sepia conversion

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Tips & Tutorials, by Mark White
April 21, 2012

Here’s a tutorial on how to convert an image to sepia using Photoshop Elements 10’s Color Variations feature


Sepia effect in Photoshop Elements


Sepia effect in photoshop elements after

Step 1 – Remove all colours

With your image open in Elements. remove the existing colour by going to Enhance>Adjust Color>Remove Color. This turns any colour image to a monochrome version of itself.

Step 2 – Open Color Variations

The next step to take is to go back into the Enhance menu, down to Adjust Color and across to Color Variations. Before adjusting any colours, reduce the Color Intensity slider (bottom left of the Color Variations menu) down one notch.

Step 3 – Increase Red

With the Color Intensity slider reduced by a notch, click once on the Increase Red option. See how the Before and After previews look slightly different now.

Step 4 – Decrease Blue

Click once on the Decrease Blue box in the menu to reduce the strength of blue. You should see a sepia-like tone take shape on your image in the After preview.

Step 5 – Adjust brightness

This final step really depends on how bright your image is to begin with. But you can lighten or darken the sepia effect by using the two options to the right of the colou boxes. For a more faded effect, click once or twice on the Lighten box, and then OK to complete the conversion.


  • Tina

    As a novice to Elements, I found the tutorial really easy to follow with great results. Thanks.

  • TaniaR

    Thank you, this was really helpful to me!